Update on Raquel

Dear Friends, Family & Alumni,

Don called me a little while ago to give me an update on Raquel.

Her body is scraped from her neck down across her chest. She has a broken wrist, ankle and rib. Her spleen is “leaking” but the doctor thinks it will clear up. He collarbone is not broken; just separated, but the doctor thinks that will be okay. One of her lungs was “displaced” (that’s what the doctor said or how it was translated to me) but he thought it would be okay. But all her vital organs are fine! Praise the Lord!

She will stay in the hospital overnight for observation; they will know by tomorrow if there is anything else.

Her family is so poor; they couldn’t even afford the transportation to the hospital. Their pastor told Don that they would have come if she was in a life threatening situation, but they just didn’t have the money to come. One of the Master’s Commission leaders is staying overnight with her in the hospital.

Side note:
At the end of November, Don felt led (with the National Assemblies of God leaders permission) to call the Assemblies of God of El Salvador to a National Day of Repentance with Fasting & Prayer. On Saturday, November 28, for 12 hours, thousands of people will come together in one place, united with one purpose: repenting for the sins of their nation. Don has received several warnings that we are facing major Spiritual Warfare because of this.

Tonight, Marvin, one of the Master’s Commission 2nd year students that was with Raquel on the side of the mountain, received a call from his uncle who is a pastor. His uncle, not knowing what happened today with Raquel, said: “I don’t know what you are going through, but the Strongman is coming against you and your ministry. You need to pray like you have never prayed before.”

Also tonight, Melissa, another Master’s Commission 2nd year student who was also with Raquel, received a call that her cousin was in a terrible car wreck this afternoon. Her face was crushed and disfigured in the wreck; her boyfriend was killed. She is headed to San Miguel tonight to be with her family.

Please continue to pray for Raquel. We are thrilled that she is alive and will recover from this treacherous 40 foot fall, but we also know that she is facing some hard days ahead of her—physically, mentally & spiritually. This is the end of the school year here in El Salvador. Unless God heals her ankle and wrist, it will be hard for her to finish the school year without some intervention.

Thank you for your prayers & support.

Your missionary,

Terri Triplett

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