Sunday Morning Service

The Lord has started answering prayers because the children's service went so much smoother today than usual. We have some really unruly kids and sometimes they can be uncontrollable however yesterday was different. Something really precious happened during the worship service. As soon as the first worship started playing a little girl next to me started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said her Aunt had just died and she was sad. So I prayed with her and talked to her about it. Soon there after other leaders started praying for the kids. I went to pray for this one boy who is usually really, really bad. My heart goes out to this kid because he has no parents and just lives with his older brothers. He was standing with his eyes closed, which stood out to me because he is usually running all over the place, I started praying for him and he just stood there praying. I really felt that God was touching him and I told him that he is special and God wants to use him. The whole worship service was really special and God was moving.
I also baked muffins and cookies, as did two other missionaries, and the girls from my class sold them all and made a good bit of money for Mini-Masters and the mission trip to Panama.

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  1. Anonymous5:53 PM CST

    What are the girls names in the first pic? One looks familar.

    What an awesome GOD we serve... that HE ministers to the children in Central America while HE ministers to a small church in Baton Rouge. We had a powerful service as well.