Yesterday the Children's Discipleship Team went to the King's Castle International Training Center which is located on the lake Coatepeque. I usually refer to it as "the lake" or "the camp". This is where all the teams from the US are trained before they go out and work. Once a month our church has encounter type camps out there. Many people and different churches also rent it out. It is also home to the Master Commission students and the Prayer Fortress. We stayed in the Prayer Fortress to pray and we also set apart time to plan out the children's Christmas camp that we have every December. At the Prayer Fortress we are going on the 11th year of continual prayer and fasting. There is always a prayer team there and someone is always praying on the third floor which is open and overlooking the lake. We all took prayer shifts during the night to prepare ourselves and also to pray for direction and wisdom in planning the camp. My shift was midnight until 2:00 am. It was so peaceful and I was excited to spend 2 uninterrupted hours in prayer. There is such an awesome presence in that place and I always feel so close to God when I am there. We also got the basic plan down for the whole week of the Christmas Camp so much was accomplished but even more so we, as ministers, were ministered to. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, unity, and refreshment.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 AM CST

    Awesome... 11 yrs of continual prayer...that's why GOD is moving and changing lives in El Salvador!!!