Kid's Day in Las Delicias

We, in King's Castle Ministry, are celebrating Children's Day all month long. Last Saturday we had the Mega Feria, today we devoted the whole day to the children of an area called Las Delicias, and we are going to have mini fiestas at children's church throughout the month. We had a lot of fun playing and ministering to the children of the community Las Delicias. It gave us all so much joy to see the fun the children were having. One day that those children can forget about all their problems and issues and enjoy being a kid. One of the highlights of the day, for me, was when I saw Claudia. Claudia is a girl that used to be in the children's program and now she is a little bit older and goes to another church. So I haven't seen her in a while. I asked her how she was and what was going on and she took me by the hand and she lead me across the soccer field and she just opened up to me. This is huge because young girls usually do not open up very easily, especially to some North American who couldn't possibly understand what they go through. But she did and I was able to talk to her and give her some advice. It was really cool for me and such a privilege that this young girl would want to talk to me about her problems and value my opinion. It may not seem like a big deal but it really takes a while to develop relationships here to where you can give advice and hope and pray you make a difference in their lives.

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