Help Us Give Toys to the Children of El Salvador

Would you help us collect a container of Toys for Christmas?

Yesterday was the official International Day of the Child, and all over the world, children are being honored. We will be celebrating a MEGA Children’s Fair at the King’s Castle Dream Center on Saturday, October 3, and expect around 1,000 children to be present. All month long, various aspects of our ministry will be celebrating the children, letting them know how very special they are to Jesus.

However, in King’s Castle, we celebrate the Day of the Child even more in December on Jesus’ Birthday, when literally tens of thousands of children come together to break piñatas, play games, eat refreshments, hear the Christmas Story, and receive a Toy from Jesus. The children are from the barrios all across the city of San Salvador, and for many, it is the only present they will get for Christmas. Even gang members bring their children to be part of these very special outreaches.

For Christmas 2008, we had to cancel two Christmas Birthday Parties for Jesus because we ran out of toys. One Party was going to be for 7,000 children in Distrito Italia, and the other one was going to be for 8,000 children in Las Delicias. How sad it was to cancel these parties when we had been doing these parties every year for the past few years.

For Christmas 2009, we want to seize the moment and have even more Christmas Birthday Parties for Jesus! These parties will be in addition to the 8,000 Toys we need for the Feeding Centers Christmas Parties, the Castle Club Parties, the PK Christmas Parties, Guardians of the Vision Christmas Parties, and all the church activities. We are way down on our supply of Toys, so everyone is waiting to see how God is going to supply Toys this Christmas.

We need 100,000 Toys here in El Salvador ready for Distribution by December 12 - 25.

Would you like to be part of the Christmas Miracle in 2009?

We need to extend our net to each of you, asking if you would be interested in being part of the Christmas Miracle in 2009. There are several ways you can help us receive the much needed Toys here in El Salvador in time for Christmas.

1. Toy Drive in your church, business, or community, and ship the toys to Houston, Texas, where we will store everything at World in Need until we have a full container to ship down on November 1, to El Salvador.
2. Use your Toy Network to get Toys donated and shipped to Houston from wherever you can get them donated.
3. Send funds to purchase Toys in El Salvador, as well as pay for the freight to ship them down.
4. Help us with a One Time Christmas Offering to help us with all of our additional expenses around the Christmas Season.

We need your help now more than ever if we are going to gather all these toys for Christmas 2009. If you do a Toy Drive and can’t get the toys to Texas by the deadline, know that we will ship the toys down for our ongoing Children’s Ministries and Christmas 2010. We need new or slightly used toys in good condition that cost about $5 new.

All Toys can be sent to World in Need in Angleton, Texas, and they will actually fill the container for us when everything is there on or before November 1, 2009. Here is the address where to mail the toys.

World In Need
23543 State Highway 288 N
Angleton, TX 77515

For larger shipments of toys, call WIN for drop off: Maria Torres 1-979-864-3300

Mark the Box: Attention: Don Triplett/Castillo del Rey A/D
Note: Every Box must have a Packing List with full discloser of what is in the box with the number of Toys in the box, and if for a boy or a girl.

Ideas for Toys:
Boys: small cars, soccer balls, basket balls, volleyballs, games, back packs, school supplies, games, plastic toys, stuffed animals, magnets, crafts, science projects, some baby boy toys…
Girls: dolls, stuffed animals, jump ropes, costumes, games, dress up, play dough, crafts, coloring books, crayon sets, back packs, school supplies, some baby girl toys…


Thank you... Please help us make Christmas special for the children here in El Salvador!

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