Destined for Eternity

The youth and adolescents were in charge of the service today and the theme was Destined for Eternity. It was a good service but three different things happened that blessed me. The first one was the older sister of one of the girl's I work with went up for salvation. It was really cool because her mom went up there with her and it was very emotional. Her mom was crying and so happy that her daughter was getting her life right with the Lord and I can only imagine how Jesus must feel when we accept Him. The second was my friend, Crisi, who asked every single person around us if they have accepted Christ and did they know they were going to Heaven when they died. It just really made me respect her more. The third was as I was praying one of the girls next to me told me someone wanted to talk to me in the back. I look up and it is a guy whom I have not seen in about two years. He had to move from where he used to live because the gangs beat him up and want to kill him so now he is trying to stay clear of them and just working. I told him that I was praying for him and he needs to come back to church and he told me he would. I believe, in total, 10 people accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

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  1. Anonymous12:09 PM CST

    That's fantastic... it blesses and encourages me to hear about the souls being won to kingdom in E.S. but also through the ministry of the children and youth.