Cajun Dish With a Latin Twist

Last night I had a house full of people and I cooked red beans and rice. Not one, of the six, had ever had "cajun red beans and rice." I was apprehensive about making it because I have attempted making other foods from home and because I can never get all the correct ingredients I have to substitute and then it does not taste the same. My ingredient that I could not get here is andouille sausage or regular sausage for that matter. However, I read that Spanish Chorizo is similar to andouille so I used that. The red beans and rice actually turned out amazing, to my delight, and everyone loved it. I tried to tone down the spice because a few of my friends are from Boston and can't handle it. However, everyone else was adding some Crystal Hot Sauce and Tony's to the dish. I also made wassail because I found out when I made it last year in Costa Rica that, apparently, it is a southern thing but my friends loved it. So she asked me to make it for her and everyone who tried it loved it as well. I really enjoy cooking and there is nothing more gratifying than cooking and everyone loving your food and when you go back in the kitchen you see it has all been eaten.

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