Sarah's Story

Yesterday I taught English in San Marcos and San Jacinto which is outside of San Salvador in the direction going toward the airport. The morning group I only had three students but Sarah was in that group. As I was dropping her off after the class it gave me some time talk with her. "Tears from the Saints" by Leeland came on and I was singing it. She asked me what it meant. So the line about "schools filled with hate" came on and I told her and she said, "Oh, that's my school." I asked her if it was hard for her at school. She said very. She told me she was the only Christian in her school and she is made fun of and called names. I was able to encourage her a little bit and let her know that is her mission field and the Lord is going to strengthen her and use her to be a light to her schoolmates. That conversation may not seem like something huge but I am reading "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions" by George Barna and he says,
"...you may influence someone without intending to or without realizing it, but such influence is real. However, when you focus o purposefully impacting someone's thoughts or behavior, the chances of having such an effect and of having the type of effect you hoped to have are increased substantially."

He also said that, "We have discovered that peer evangelism among young children-- one kid leading another kid to the foot of the Cross for a life-changing encounter with Jesus--is one of the most prolific and effective means of evangelism in the nation."

Every encounter with another human being is either an opportunity to positively or negatively influence them.

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