Salvadoran Funeral

Yesterday after church my friend Helen received a phone call saying her grandfather had passed away. I am friends with the whole family and Helen works in discipleship with me. So I went to the wake to support her family. The wake started at 9:00 p.m. and ended at 12:00 a.m. at a church close to where she lives. There were so many people we had to stand outside of the little church. They had the body in a casket and basically had a church service. We sang songs and then someone preached. At the end they called the immediate family in and they stood around the casket and we all prayed for them. After the service most of us left but the family and close friends stays up all night. Today after we had the Pastor's meeting we all left to attend the funeral at 2:00 pm. We drove up to the cemetery but the family and such walked from the church up about four blocks behind a truck that had the casket. We all walked to the site and someone gave a small sermon and a few people said words and then the men lowered down the casket using ropes and then filled the hole. Afterwards we hugged the family and gave them our condolences and then everyone left. I feel very sad for Helen and her family but it was also interesting to be apart of this cultural experience.

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