Corrie Ten Boom: Truly My Heroe

I can not get enough of Corrie Ten Boom. Her story is absolutely amazing. If you have not read The Hiding Place or Tramp for the Lord I encourage you to do so. I was at the Triplett's house yesterday for a Pastor's meetings and I asked Terri Triplett if I could borrow a book from their personal library. As soon as I saw Messages of God's Abundance: The Lost Corrie Ten Boom Writings I knew that was the book I had to read. I typically like to underline and write in my books but when I borrow a book I can't do that so I write down the quotes in my journal. Here are just a few that touched my heart.

"God's great love is greater than human cruelty."

"The amount of God's love is unlimited. But we can only receive as much as we use."

"The Father's love in me is stronger than all hatred."

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