What The Streets Are Saying

The central church of King's Castle has divided the city, and outlying areas, of San Salvador into different zones. Each zone has its own pastor that works within the area during the week and then everyone comes together to church on Sunday. Between another Missionary Associate and I the zones have been split up four and four. So the past two days I went with the leaders, of children's discipleship, to visit the zones and talk to the Pastors and servant leaders about a new program we want to implement during the week. The idea is to have a "club" for the kids to participate in once a week. It would not be anything mandatory but something fun for the children and to help us, as leaders, to create stronger relationships with the children. We will be having an English class, then we will have a time of playing games or making something, and at the end a devotion time. I obviously will be teaching English but I will also be involved with the rest of the activities. However, it is a difficult to accomplish having the children meet in one central location. The greatest problem, yesterday, was having a safe place for the children to meet together. Some children live in part of the neighborhood that is one gang's territory and the other children live on the side of the opposite gang's territory. The children do not cross over. The parents or caretakers do not want their kids crossing over, either. However, being with the ministry King's Castle we can freely go on both sides. So with the help of the leaders, that live in that area, we are going to pray and try to bring all the kids in one spot.

I would also like to tell you a story that is unfortunately a very common story with the children I work with. This is the story of Melissa, a 12 year old little girl, who doesn't have parents. We went to visit different children in their homes yesterday. The last house we went to the girls were all sitting outside with their grandmother, aunt, and mom. Melissa's grandmother was telling us the reason she hasn't been coming to the program on Saturday is because she has not been behaving well. We talked to Melissa about how important it is to behave and do your chores things like that. When we finished visiting with them she walked us out. So we asked Melissa who she lived with and she said her grandmother, mom and her sister's. We asked where her mom was and she said the other lady sitting by my grandmother. She also said, "But my mom doesn't take care of me or give me food, she never has. My grandmother is in charge of me." "My mother does not want me and never has." So this little girl lives in the same house with her "real" mom and her sister's and grandmother but the mother could care less for her. It really touched our hearts and made us think well no wonder she is hurting, no wonder she is acting out. This is just one of the many problems the children I am working with have and the purpose of this "club" is to create closer relationships so that we can give love and advice to these kids were it is lacking. Most importantly demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ.

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