What a Legacy

Yesterday was the Guardian's "Big Day" service as they call it here. King's Castle has been in El Salvador for 20 years this year so we decided to do the theme of leaving a legacy. We pulled out old photos and put together a slide show, we showed old videos, and they did a funny drama about King's Castle in the past, today, and the future. For the ministry time we did a drama talking about how we, as leaders, want to leave a legacy. So as we did the drama we all sat down at the table, as Jesus did with his disciples, then the children came up and we gave them our seats signifying that these children will be our legacy. Afterwards, Pastor Mario called up the leadership team, that works with the Guardians, and had the kids surround us and pray for us. It was a very powerful time and I was just in awe that the Lord chose me to come and work in this country with this ministry and these children.

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  1. Anonymous10:19 AM CST

    That's awesome, Kristal. I wish I could have seen it!