Christian Surfers

La Libertad which is a famous beach area in El Salvador is about 3o kilometers from San Salvador. However, the drive takes about 30 or 40 minutes because of construction. My roommate Karen and I went out there yesterday so I could surf and we could relax a little at the beach. When we arrived to El Sunzal, the beach where I was surfing, we ran into some friends. One is involved with Christian Surfers and he invited us to a Bible Study they were having down at another beach. So we went to El Zonte and surfed a little and then went to the Bible Study. It was so good and I really enjoyed it. Surfers have such a bad reputation and I think it is great that they have this organization to reach out to the local kids. The worship was cool because it was just a guy playing a guitar, everyone was still in bathing suits and board shorts from coming in from surfing, and the message was great. I especially enjoyed the message when he related stuff from the Bible into a way that surfers understand.

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