Where To Begin

We have all heard the saying "Save the best for last." I have no idea where it came from however I know that in referring to our last trip with the World Warriors it was very true. I truly believe this trip impacted us all the most. Guatemala was not even in the original plan but it was is God's plan and He had a specific reason for us to go. I could write a book about this past week but I will tell only two stories that truly impacted me.
We went deep into the mountain one day. We were allowed to go into a school where no one had ever been before. We had to hike about 6 miles, off the beaten track and took more than two hours, carrying a sound system, generator, gas tank, candies, cookies, and prizes. I love hiking and have hiked some hard stuff but nothing like this. This hike was the hardest, beautiful, most amazing, and rewarding hike I have ever done. When we finally arrived to the school in the middle of nowhere we were the first white people they had ever seen. It was so funny how they reacted toward us. After we did the children's program some of the Achí women came up and wanted prayer. Most of them were crying and our translator said they wanted prayer because their husbands beat them. In this culture the girls are taught from an early age that they are nothing and they can't even think. So they never make decisions on their own. The men always make the decisions. However, the culture of the Holy Spirit trumped earthly culture and one lady said, "I don't care if I get beat more by my husband but I want to accept Jesus Christ in my heart." That is a miracle and made that hike all the more worth while.
The next story was told by Jose the missionary we were working with in Guatemala. He told us that at one of the programs we did in the streets in the city of Cubulco he saw a man with his family. Years ago Jose went to talk to this family in their home and when he entered to visit the man took out his machete and hit it on the ground and said, "Don't take another step I don't want to hear what you have to say." So Jose blessed him and left the home. However, after the program when we asked if anyone would like to come receive Jesus in their hearts Jose saw the man telling his little boys, "Go up there, let them pray for you."
We saw so many things and experienced such a different culture and it was very eye opening. I know the Lord did amazing things while we were there and that seeds of truth have been planted.

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