Island Trip

Monday we rode on a bus for about 5 hours to the Port city of La Union, El Salvador. We did a program in the street for the children and then we also were in charge of the church service that evening. Emily helped lead worship and Brandon preached as George translated for him. The next day we packed all our stuff and went on a hour and a half boat ride to the Island of Meanguera. We stayed on this Island the entire time. They have about 700 people on the entire Island. We did many programs in the streets and two programs in the school. We also were involved with the church services and cell groups. I think one of my favorite things was attending the cell group. We were divided into three groups and my group went to a house that overlooked the ocean. Gabe and Emma shared a little with the people and the lady who led preached on Jonah and it was a great message. During the worship time two ladies led us in old Spanish hymns. They sang so awesome very Mariachi like in their harmony and it was so pretty. I felt so much love sitting outside of their house listening to them sing to the Lord and looking directly into his beautiful creation. Another cool story is we did a program on the pier which is the main point of the town. Not only did about 50 kids accept Christ into their hearts many of the teenagers and adults that were in the background watching accepted the Lord as well.

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