Vigilia Nacional

Twice a year King's Castle has a National Vigilia, which means all night prayer service, and churches from all over El Salvador come together. It is always a lot of fun but also a time where God moves powerfully. The World Warriors had the privilege to have a part in the Vigilia. The drama we did was to Misty Edwards song "I Will Run" however Emily Pike, one of our warriors sang over it in Spanish. Every one of the warriors and interns put all they had into this drama and it came out awesome. The first three scenes are about Abraham, David, and Jesus then it changes to modern day. The first scene the guy sacrifices his relationship for the Lord that is why Abraham comes up behind him, then there is a group of people praying against the bondage of sin like gangs, drugs, ect. So David comes and helps them fight their giant. The last scene is a girl trying to live for Jesus but all the pressures of the world are beating her down. But she takes up her cross and Jesus encourages her all the way. At the end everyone comes together and says, "I will run, I will run, I will run.....in Spanish is correré, correré, correré. When I have more time and better internet connection I will upload the video.

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