Taking the Streets

Jolie and Roberto
Elizabeth and I
World Warriors taking the streets.
Another street kid reading the comic book we gave him.
The Warriors doing human billboards.

Today was a national wide taking of the streets. Teams all over El Salvador went to the streets declaring Victory in Jesus. The World Warriors were privileged to be apart of this evangelistic outreach. The World Warriors did human billboards in which there were four different scenes from the Bible that they acted out but kept frozen for two minutes and then change. The rest of us held signs that said, "Victory in Jesus" and we passed out Powermark comics that told the story of Jesus.
When we were taking a break a little street boy came over and started talking to us. His mother was selling bananas on the street. He originally came over asking for food. Some of the team members gave him the snacks they had. Taylor gave him a slim jim and he didn't know what it was and had never had anything like it. He didn't even know how to eat it. So he was licking it like a lollipop. We told him it was like meat but he was a little weary but ate it anyway. We also gave him a comic book and started talking to him. His name was Roberto. He asked me if he could have a dollar to buy some food. So I gave him the change I had. He ran off and came back with bananas. He gave a banana to every person on the team. He paid for those bananas from his mom and kept the rest of the change to buy food to eat. It was really cool to see our team be so giving to him and also they passed the first missionary test of eating whatever someone gives you. They all said thanks and ate the bananas. It was very humbling because that little boy had nothing but still gave to us.


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM CST

    That is a great story... very sad and hard for Americans to understand. Sounds like YOU ALL are making a difference in El Salvador. We are praying for you and the team.

  2. We are so so so that you are doing a blog so that we can keep up with our son Taylor and the rest of the team. Please tell him hello and we love and miss him! We are praying with excitment knowing the Lord is doing big big things.

    Lanee and Richard Brooks