Singing Stars

During training week I like to find out all the different talents and gifts the students have and try to incorporate those things into our ministry times. I already knew Emily so I knew she had an amazing voice but quickly found out that Gabe can sing awesome as well. I have been teaching this drama we are doing to Misty Edwards "I Will Run." It is super powerful and we were just going to do it in English. We also are doing the Lifehouse "Everything" drama which is in English. However, we got the songs translated and for the most of the day yesterday Gabe and Emily were recording the songs in Spanish while we were out doing programs. I haven't heard the final cut but others have and said it sounds great. So tonight we are going to the National Vigilia, which is an all night prayer service. We are doing the drama "I Will Run" but now we have it in Spanish so it will be way more effective. Today we will be practicing all day until we go to the service and everyone is stoked about going and ministering.

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