Reaching the Gangs

   Today we did outreaches in some neighborhoods close to where I live.  Neighborhoods I have worked in before and many of the children I work with live in these areas.  The first program we did I counted 35 gang members.  They all stayed and watched the entire program.  It was really cool because you could tell they were actually listening and paying attention.  The gang leader was even there and he is the one who gave us permission to do the program.   You always have to ask.  At the same place I was able to talk to one lady and she said she had accepted Jesus in her heart and believed in him but she was an alcoholic.  I shared with her some of my testimony and prayed with her and invited her to church.  Hopefully, she will come so she can receive more of God and support for changing her life.  Every place we went the gangs members came to our programs to keep an eye on us.  They respect us and like when we come play and minister the love of Jesus to their children.  


  1. that sounds awesome. how old are said gang members?

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM CST

    Wow... that's amazing... I pray the H.S. will captivate and ravage their hearts.