Logistical Day

Unfortunately, when you are a leader you sometimes have to sit out on things to take care of logistics. Today was one of those days. Lidia and I planned on going to buy the bus tickets in the morning and meet back up with the team for the rest of the day. However, things did not go as planned and many of our plans were changed so all day we were working on getting everything lined up logistically. Praise God we got everything accomplished and we are headed for the Islands of El Salvador on Monday. One of the days that we are working on the Islands we will be going to an Island of Honduras so we are all excited about this trip. Please continue to keep the whole World Warrior team in your prayers. We met up with the team for dinner and had a great devotional time. It was so cool to hear how Jolie and Emily ministered during some of the programs and how Jenissa always gives her all and loves on the kids with her whole heart. How Gabe doesn't like clowns but was one today and he loved it. Each warrior had their own personal stories and it was so encouraging to see. I can't wait to go out with them tomorrow and we are expecting even greater things. I really like what Kendra told us all. She said, "When we are playing and doing the programs and ministering to the children I see different things in all of you. You all have different gifts and abilities and the Lord is using that to touch people. " It is so awesome and so true. We are the body of Christ and each one of us has our part.

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