Honduran Political Situation

Because of the current situation in Honduras we will NOT be going out of the country until we know that it is completely safe to travel. We are leaving this morning to go to the Islands of El Salvador and possibly a Honduran Island. However, we will be checking with the locals to see if it is safe or not. It is possible the Islands are isolated enough that everything going on is not affecting them but we are not for sure. We will be back on Friday and I will try to update then. Everything here in El Salvador is fine and there are no problems at this time. Please be praying for us as we are working on the Islands.

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  1. Please tell Brittany we love and miss her a ton!! Also I need to know if she still wants me to ship some things to her and weather she thinks they will arrive on time. We are praying for her and the team! Please be carefull!!
    Cheryl Hanson