Children's Fair

All week long as the interns were doing programs (sidewalk Sunday school) in the streets and in the schools all over San Salvador. We were also inviting the children to come to a fair we had at the church. So yesterday we worked the fair and it was really neat to see so many kids we had ministered to throughout the week. There was one little boy in particular who was being really bad at one of our last programs. I sat him down and Jason, another intern, and I tried to talk to him. I told him that he was very special to God and he said, "Five of you have told me that and God hasn't done anything for me." Keep in mind he is under 10 years old. I asked him if he lived with his parents and he said he lives with his grandmother because his mom and dad left him to go to the United States. That is a very typical response and a huge reason why so many young boys join the gangs. We sat and talked with him a while longer and I invited him to come to the fair. As were about to leave he comes running up and gives me a huge hug and says I will be looking for you tomorrow. Sure enough he came to the fair where he had tons of fun and heard about the love of Jesus Christ. That is just one little boy who was touched by the love of God. There were more than 500 children that came.

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