Change of Power

  Saturday most of the interns came in and I have been out at the lake working, training, and teaching them before teams start coming down.  It has been wonderful so far.  Each intern has brought something special to the team and I am looking forward to working with them.  They started doing what we call Programs but Sidewalk Sunday Schools today.  However, I came back to San Salvador because I needed to work on some logistical things for the World Warriors.  During my time out at the lake this past Monday was the transfer of power to the Communist party FMLN.  I just watched the swearing in of President Funes, for the first time ever  in El Salvador, a Communist President.  Many of my Salvadoran friends said they felt sick when they watched it and these are people my age that were children during the Civil War.  The Lord has everything in His hands, this we know. Continue to pray for the country of El Salvador. You may not be able to understand it but it is interesting to watch.

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