Bootcamp photos

We have another full day of training and tonight we will be going to the Prayer Fortress one last time before we go out and do ministry tomorrow. Here are some pictures from the past week.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers because yesterday the Lord's hand was on me. I was coming back from church and it was raining. I was going about 50 mph on a highway and I was in the left land and I was coming up on a 18 wheeler who was going a bit slower. So I changed lanes and was about to go around him as he comes over on me and is blocking both lanes and the shoulder. I had no where to go so I slammed on my breaks and almost spun in a complete circle. I was all over the road and all I could think of was going off the side of the cliff or the cars coming up behind me. However, I was able to maintain control and pull over. I regained my nerve and thanked the Lord for protecting me. It really shook me up, in fact, I am still really unnerved about it. It could have been really, really bad. But thank God for his protection and the covering of your prayers.

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