This Really Angers Me

   When we met at the Prayer Fortress on Monday Bro. Don started off talking about how the Bible says in the end times bad becomes good and good becomes bad. What I read this morning on cnn.com was a prime example of that.  Just a little recap but I encourage you to read the whole article for yourself. I hope it encourages you to pray, not only, for our country that is burning Bibles but for our fellow believers in the underground church in Afghanistan. 
   Basically, the US military decided to burn confiscated Bibles because it puts our troops in danger.  The US government does not want the Muslims of Afghanistan to think they are the ones passing out the Bibles and trying to convert them.  This I can understand however going as far as burning them simply infuriates me.  I look around my room and can count three Bibles in plain view and there are people now, in Afghanistan, without Bibles in their own language because the government of MY country decided it was in the best interest of our troops to burn them all.  Then I think of how many Christian soldiers were involved in that burning and did they say anything and stand up against this injustice?


  1. So very frustrating.

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM CST

    They probably had orders from OUR president to accomplish this... he is the Commander and Chief.

    We do need to pray... more.