When I arrived to El Salvador in 2007 one of my responsibilities was teaching English to 1st year Master's Commission students which are now 3rd year students which means they are in their mission year.  So all my third year students are now raising funds to go to different parts of the world and minister the gospel.  The english I taught many of them will be used because it is spoken in many places they are going or they will translate from English into other languages.  Something that a friend of mine said when we were teaching them was. " You never know what these students will be in the future.  They could be missionaries, pastors, teachers, ect.  and we have a little part in their development as ministers."  One of the students, Carmen, is going to the US to work in a church in Kentucky.  Many people ask, "Why do foreign missions when their is such a need in the US?" I know there is a need and I pray for the US because it is my home. But I feel called to work in El Salvador and I have obeyed that calling and the Lord is calling others to work in the US and they are obeying.

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