Guardian's Big Day

   Today was the "Big Day" that was put on by the Guardian's (the group of children I work with).  We had been working on this since I returned to El Salvador.  Yesterday we worked, with the children, all day practicing and decorating.  We had close to 2,000 people come.  Mother's are the most important people in this culture and instead of just having Mother's Day the whole month of May is dedicated to Mother's.  So that was the theme of the songs and dramas.  The kids did it all from praise and worship, preaching, and the alter call.  The best part was when Adonay, who is about 12, preached in front of all those people.  He talked about different Godly mothers in the Bible and then in his conclusion he said thanks to his mom for all kinds of different things but he what he would like most is to spend eternity with his mom.  All the children lined up in front and many people came forward for salvation.  I was praying with one girl who was a teenager.  She was just crying and crying and I felt like the Lord was telling me that I should tell her that no matter was has happened in the past that God loves her and she is special to Him.  She looked at me with tears and said, "Yes, God is good." She lifted up her shirt and showed me this huge scare covering her stomach.  She was stabbed and almost died but she said that God saved her and He is good to her.  Her name was Iris.

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