Loosing a Child on Mother's Day

   For most, Mother's Day is a day of celebration, but today there are atleast two families in mourning.  There are two mother's who have lost their children on this day that most are going out to eat and spending time with family.  I know people die everyday but when things happen in front of your face or to people you know it is a little more difficult to accept.   First thing this morning as we were pulling into church there were police everywhere and we saw an area taped off so we knew someone had died.  So in plain view a teenage girl was murdered and her body dumped by, they believe, gang members.  So it was a bit sobering at church this morning and we didn't know the details or the mother but we prayed for the family.  Just now we received a call from one of the zone pastors telling us that one of the guard's, that works for the church, son drowned while either at a beach or river with friends.  In a country that death is prevalent, for me, it never becomes any easier to hear.

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