Back in El Salvador

   I flew back to El Salvador on Friday and today I went to church and it was great. First of all it is just wonderful to be back.  I feel like I am back home.  Church was great and a women, who is pregnant, testified that she had some kind of tumor on her pancreas was completely healed.  I also was able to see tons of my friends and the children I work with.  It was wonderful seeing everyone.  It is almost a different world simply because my understanding and speaking of Spanish is so much better. I am already hitting the ground running. As I am trying to get my residency card and renew insurance and things such as that I am also getting things prepared for the World Warrior's and working with the Guardian's of the Vision. There is so much to do and I am ready for it.

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  1. Anonymous7:51 PM CST

    Sounds like you are busy already. Last week, was a vaca for you.
    So, language school has already made a diff? I know the kids are liking it too.
    Did you see Gabby? How is she? Tell her, your mama is thinking of her & praying for her. She's a sweetie.