Processional in Antigua

   There were many different processionals going on in Antigua and we saw many different ones.  Each one had a theme and was different.  This is part of a procession that started at 4:00 am on Good Friday.  The first platform with Jesus has already passed and it is mostly the band following behind.  After the band would be more people with incense and carrying different banners and crosses and then the women would come carrying the platform with Mary.  It was on of the most interesting experiences of my life. A procession is an important part of Catholic culture world wide. Catholics have developed many processions for special occasions to remind us that the Christian life is a constant movement toward God and our eternal home. We saw Holy Week processions which is an event taking place within countries with traditional Roman Catholic culture. If you would like to read more about the celebrations specifically in Antigua, Guatemala you can do so here:

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