Final Project

   At the end of the last semester a interaction presentation must be presented in front of the whole school.  These projects can be on pretty much anything but our teacher encouraged us to choose a topic that held a great deal of weight within us.  My partner, Melissa, and I choose the topic "Why Are Innocent Children Living in Prison."  We wrote a college level research paper, in Spanish, and then presented it.  I do not know if I have ever worked on something so hard in my life.  Working in the prison with the women and their children opened up amazing doors. Because of our work we were able to present a very controversial issue in Costa Rica to other students and teachers.  However, our hope is not only to open people's eyes but also present them with the opportunity to partner with the ministry Bandera Blanca.  Bandera Blanca is the ministry that developed the nursery, in the prison, and they minister to the women and children.  Melissa and I hope that our presentation stirred up emotions that will turn in to actions to help minister and love these women and their innocent children who live with them in the prison.   I was sharing with a new person I met at the University about what I do in El Salvador.  He, like so many other young college students I have met, think it is so great that there are Americans that would leave the comfort of their home to help others.  He said to me, "There are two kinds of people in the world; those who help others and those who don't."  Those who don't are missing out.

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