Monday Prison Ministry

We were able to go into the prison yesterday without a hitch this time. I was also allowed to bring in my camera. So we were able to take pictures of some of the mom's and babies in prison. Nicole came and talked to me again and she felt that her court date went well last Tuesday. She said they all seemed to be on her side and arguing the points she felt were unjust. They told her they would give her more information in about two weeks or so. We probably talked an hour and a half. The ladies from Bandera Blanca were so shocked that she has been talking to me. All I can say is the Lord is opening up the doorway and I just hope that I can plant a seed in her life. Many of the babies we were playing with were sick so we were also able to pray for them. The baby I am holding in the picture is named Brandon and he was so precious. He kept laughing and smiling real big when I was playing with him. As we hold these innocent children I just quickly pray to the Lord to guard this kids and that they will grow into mighty men and women of God.

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