Communist Party Won in El Salvador

Here is a letter from my missionary, Don Triplett, about the presidential elections yesterday.

Hi team,

Since everyone is not in country and there is no news at camp so I thought I would let everyone know what is happening at this moment. I just wanted to let you know that we have a new President Elect in El Salvador. Mauricio Funes has won a very close election winning by less than 3%. He has already given his acceptance speech and it was a very good one. Fireworks are going off and sirens’ are screaming but the whole election process went without a hitch. I can hear the yells of Victory all around as people are overwhelmed with emotion. From every indication there was no violence and the elections were monitored by over 4,000 International Observers so everything seems to be above board. The poor have spoken and had a voice so the Democratic Process has worked and the majority have elected a representative.

Let’s hope for the best and be prepared for anything. God is in control and exciting days are ahead.



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