Witnessing to the Street Vendors

Today I had a street vendor, who makes necklaces and stuff, put a trenza in my hair. The word trenza is actually braid in Spanish but they use the same word for the knotted, braid, of colors they wrap around your hair. At the beach many of the
Rasta´s were doing it but it was expensive. The hair wrap, I guess that is what it is called in English, is super popular here. So this guy did it for like 2 bucks and it opened up an opportunity to share my testimony with him. His name is Wilky and I pass him on the street at least once a week. He is a young guy, kinda hippyish, and trying to make a living. It took him about 20 minutes to do my hair and during that time I was able to share with him. It was so cool because it is becoming easier and easier to share with people in Spanish. Yay, language school is paying off. Sometimes it gets kinda tough when your studying day in and day out and wondering if you will ever understand all this grammar stuff. However, when things happen and you are able to share your faith with someone it is all worth it.

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