Invasion of My Free Will

I am slightly irritated because I just got out of class and it is gorgeous day and I was planning on doing my homework outside. In front of my apartment is a small, public park. I changed clothes, grabbed my books, and set out to do my homework. I was out there 10 minutes when this gang of young guys comes walking into the park. By the way they were dressed you could tell they were a little gang or something having a meeting. I didn't want to just get up and leave because that would be really obvious. So I continued doing my homework and they just acted like I was not there. After about five minutes, Rudy, a guy who works at the school, came out and called me over to ask me a question and then said I should go home that it wasn't safe with those guys there. They weren't bothering me but I didn't feel comfortable sitting out there with them. So I was glad Rudy did what he did very nonchalantly. However, it is not fair that people can enter public places and except it to be theirs. It isn't fair that I had to leave because of their presence. Since living in El Salvador I have felt the sting of being controlled, in an under the table way, by others. Simply because of their presence or power they have they put fear into those around them.

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