Costa Rica/Honduras World Cup Qualifying Match

The school has planned for this game since January. I have been looking forward to this game since I heard about it. We had 22 students going. My friends and I have been rushing around today to finish our homework and we are wearing our Costa Rican jerseys. The excitement has been increasing until today, the day of the match. With the game being sold out we would be in for a treat and only a few hours away. Until I received a phone call and found out we would not be going to the game because the tickets had been stolen. One of the guys that works at the school had his father buy all of our tickets and had them in their house. Someone broke into their house and stole the tickets and also other things. So needless to say we are all a little bummed out. However, El Salvador is coming here to play in April and I plan on going to that game and I think I will buy the ticket myself.

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