Toros Vivo

This evening I went downstairs to watch a movie with some friends. After the movie was over we turned on the television to watch the live bull fights that are being held not to far from where we live. It is really fun to watch all the crazy guys who are getting trampled by the bulls. They do all kinds of different things but the one that is most fun to watch is where they let loose a bull in the arena with about 500 guys and they antagonize it and try to get to get the bull to chase them. One of the bulls has killed 4 guys and tonight is the last night of the festival of the bulls. So we will see what happens.


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM CST

    THAT WAS FUN to watch? I don't think I would like that too much.

  2. We didn't see anyone die. It was fun to watch all the stupid guys tease the bull and it charge after them and they run and jump over the walls to get away.