There is None to Far Our From His Love

For those of you who know me, you know that I have a deep compassion for those who are down and out; the homeless, beggars, drug addicts, drunks, and the sick. I remember seeing homeless people on the street as a young girl and my eyes would fill with tears because I felt so sorry for them. I have learned not to "feel sorry" but to feel compassion. There is a very big difference in the two. I know everyone has their own opinion on this but if I pass someone who is asking for money, if I have it I give it. I not only give but I try to talk to them or atleast find out their name so I can pray for them. Many disagree with me and do not believe I should give money but there is this little verse that I just can't overlook. Mathew 5:42 says, "Give to those who ask, and don't turn away from those who want to borrow." Money may not be able to solve their problems however many times it opens a door to talk to them. If you don't want to give money buy food or whatever. There are other things you can do. Anyway, so yesterday I read a note on facebook from a friend talking about not passing by the bums and to look for ways to reach them. It really convicted me because there is an elderly lady that I pass all the time. I help her out when I have the money but I have always wanted to talk to her. She sits in the same place day and night and there is always tons of people around because it is near a mall and a bus stop. Today I finally mustered up the courage to talk to her. Now if I was in America I would have talked to her a long time ago it was the having to speak in Spanish that was intimidating me. So I walked past and asked her how she was and she just started talking to me. I told her I pass her all the time and she says she recognized me. I told her I always wanted to talk to her so I asked her why she is always sitting out there. She said she is 85 years old and her son, who was taking care of her, is very sick and so she sales clothes and also sits out there and asks for money to help buy the medicine for him. I found out she is believer of Jesus Christ and we were able to share with one another. She said she may have it bad but there are so many other things in the world to pray about. She said she knows that God will take care of her and her son. She also told me thanks for stopping and talking to her because she can see the love of God in my eyes. It was so rewarding to finally talk to her and now I am not only helping her out when I can, but showing her the love of Jesus by becoming a friend.

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