Spanish Translation of My Last Name

In my grammar class, today, somehow we got onto the subject of how hard my last name is for Latin's to say. Little did my professor know that it is not just Latin's that have problems with pronouncing the very distinct name of Holtzclaw. My last name is obviously German and Holtz means wood in German and klau means claw or talon. There is a village in Germany named Oberholzklau which translates to be a gather of wood, or one who picks up wood. As I explained this to my professor he says, "Oh, well in Spanish your last name means Leñador someone who picks up wood. So whenever I am asked my name I can just say Kristal Leñador....it will much easier than having to say Holtzclaw three times and then spelling it and then someone trying to repeat it back to me and just butchering it.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM CST

    LOL. The Lenador family. If I had known that I would have changed my name to that when I got married. That sounds much better. Now, does that rhyme with matador?

  2. Yes, it does but with the Spanish ñ.

  3. man, got a new name and everything, you're really becoming a part of Spanish culture, aren't you? That's like a deaf person giving you a sign name.