6.1 Earthquake

So I survived my first earthquake. I have been in El Salvador with tremors and such but this was an actual 6.1 earthquake with the epicenter here in San Jose. I was in the bathroom putting some stuff away when I felt swaying and shaking and stuff started falling off the shelves. Keep in mind I live on the second floor so it was intense. I tried to walk to get to a doorway and make my way outside but I couldn't until it stopped. When I made it outside everyone else was out in the street, as well. It was really scary and very hard to describe how I felt. I was shaking quite uncontrollably for a while. After the initial earthquake there has been 400 after shocks. We lost power for about 30 minutes after but were quickly restored. The actual epicenter was at the Volcano Poas so it is really bad out there. They have confirmed two deaths, little girls. Supposedly, there are many people trapped in homes and busses. It is really weird to have felt it so strong but be ok and then watch on the television all the damage and problems. It is very heartbreaking.

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