God is Always at Work

I received an email from my mom last night that said the Doctors could not even FIND the area of concern that they saw earlier. God touched my Grandmother; no questions asked. Wednesday, in Spanish Chapel, a missionary spoke to us. In closing he prayed and he, "God is going to heal some people. There are people at home that you are worrying about and God is touching them." I immediately started praying for my grandmother and, at that moment, I knew God had healed her. I was not even going to entertain doubt. Later that day my roommate came to me asking me for advice about an experience that she also had that day during chapel. She believes that God is healing her very sick dad. However, she has doubts. I told her that faith is a decision and you have to continue to claim the promises in the word of God. I shared with her what happened in chapel with me. Then yesterday night I received the good news from my mom. When I told my roommate she said she had prayed the night before that whatever it was, would go away. God is always at work. We do not always recognize the work or it comes at a different pace but He is working. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To whom who is thirsty I will give drink without cost from the spring of the water of life." Revelation 21:6

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