Andre's Update

Andre, the little boy that we have been praying for, is the grandson of Don and Terri Triplett. For those who do not know they are the missionary's I work under in El Salvador. Here is an update that I received from their newsletter.
Update on our grandson, Andre:

"After several days in the hospital and doing every test on him, the doctors were not able to positively diagnose what Andre had. He was first hospitalized the first week of November, when they thought he had strep throat with complications. The symptoms that worried us the most was his high fever and pain in his abdomen and head, reoccurring every week. But now, he seems to be doing better. We told Kim, “You know, we may never know what Andre had. We had so many people praying for him. God healed him in the midst of all the testing. Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and support. We couldn’t be here without you."

Like someone on another blog I read wrote, "Prayer does work and not always quite like we think." (http://thinklings.org/posts/prayer-works)

Sometimes we wonder if God hears or why he has not answered us. But He hears and He answers. He knows all and He see the whole picture. Your prayer does make a difference and as I said in a few blogs past it is our responsibility as believers to pray for others. We may never know until we reach heaven what a difference our prayer made.

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