Why Is Latin America So Excited About Obama?

Every week I have an interaction class which I am required to have atleast 4 or 5 interaction partners throughout the week. My class is to talk about my theme and how the interaction went. My theme this past week was an easy one. It was about the election. It was super easy because all of Costa Rica is talking about it. No matter where you go or what you do when they see you are from the United States they start a conversation about the President elect Barack Obama. I had found out in the past few weeks that John F. Kennedy is super popular here. Shortly, before his assassination he visited Costa Rica and planted a tree downtown that is still there. The Costa Ricans not only love Kennedy because of his visit but also because of the "Alianzo de Progresso." The Alliance for Progress that was signed in 1961. Wikipedia says that it was aimed to establish economic cooperation between North and South America. One of my teachers is a product of that alliance. She says she remembered when planes would fly in and deliver thousands of milk cartons for the children to drink at school. At that time Costa Rica was a very poor nation and needed all the help it could get. My teacher, Yolanda, told me for this reason most Hispanics are in favor of Democrats, it does not matter if the person is good or bad, because from generation to generation it is passed down that the democratic party is the only part that cares for Latin America. Historically, this proves to be true. For this reason many people have told me that they have a new hope because of Obama being in the White House. My conversation teacher brought in a article for us to read and translate by a writer from Uruguay named Eduardo Galeano and the article is called Ojala. This article is very strong but has some great points. He made some very powerful statements such as, "Obama's victory was universally held as a battle won against racism. Hopefully he will assume from their acts of government, that beautiful responsibility." "Will Obama continue to believe that it is all very well to avoid a wall that Mexicans cross the border, while the money goes without anyone asks passport?" "Will Obama, the first black president in the history of the United States, implement the dream of Martin Luther King or the nightmare of Condoleezza Rice? The White House, now is your house, was built by black slaves. I hope you will never forget it, never."

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