Mountain of Death

Traveling through Costa Rica is never pleasant for me because the ridiculously winding roads. I always have to take dramamine to prevent motion sickness. Not only is the bus ride to Panama extremely windy but you pass through the Mountain of Death or Cerro de la Muerte as it is called in Spanish. You know when you are in this particular area of Costa Rica because your ears will start to pop and the temperature drops very quickly. Here in San Jose the elevation is 3,809 ft. but in the Talamanca mountain range it is a whopping 11,322 ft. above sea level. It does not matter if it is a pretty day or not once you get up there you cannot see anything because you are in the clouds. Amazingly enough temperatures can reach below freezing and much of this mountain range has not even been explored. Sometimes the clouds will split and you can see the range and it is an absolutely beautiful sight.

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