Manos Misionarios

Today I worked with the local King's Castle team and we did Manos Misionarios which directly translates to "missionary hands." You split up into groups of two or three and walk house to house asking people if they need any help doing anything. Basically, it is a practical way to demonstrate the love of Jesus by helping out in the local community. I went with one of my friends, Lesli, and her father to the market and helped carry vegetables and fruits. That took most of the morning and afterward they invited me into their house and I ate lunch with them. It was really cool to get to know this family. I found out that both of Lesli's parents are originally from Peru and her dad is a baker. It was a privilege to be invited into their home to eat and drink coffee. Being invited into someone's home here is even more of a big deal than El Salvador, I think, because here there is so much more pride. It was a great day and I felt like I made a cultural breakthrough with this family that I go to church with and work along side in the ministry.

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