Day of the Dead

I started off my Saturday, as usual, by going to work with King's Castle. Instead of going to do a program for the children they had a workshop to learn how to face paint. It very interesting and I learned a lot of cool stuff to paint on children's faces. I realized while I was talking to some of my friends that today was "El Dia de la Muerte" the Day of the Dead. I asked what that meant for them. They answered me that it meant nothing, to them, specifically. It is celebrated very different in Costa Rica than in other Latin America countries. Here, they simply go put new flowers on the grave and apparently the younger generation does not really participate. It is very interesting to learn the differences in each country regarding holidays. After the workshop, we took the bus home. From the location of the church we have to take two busses to get back to our part of town. The bus change is downtown so we usually do shopping or get stuff we need while we are down there. We passed a huge cemetery on the bus ride and at the entrance there were many street vendors selling their flowers. We also went to the market and they usually have tons and tons of flowers and they were wiped out. Many people we passed in the streets all had big bouquets of flowers to go put on the graves of their loved ones.

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