Concert of Sorts

I helped set up for a youth outreach, at church, this evening. They were also having a Bazaar which is like a church garage sale with lots of food. The money raised is to buy each child in the church a Christmas present. After we finished setting up for the concert we hang out with Roberto and Lizbeth who are the Pastors of the church. Lizbeth is also my phonetics teacher. I also made a new friend, which is, the little boy in the photo above. He was so sweet and fell asleep as I was holding him during the concert. The concert consisted of two groups. One was two-piece, metal band from the youth group. Then a local kid from the area rapped and there was a breakdance team. It was cool and he was stoked that some North Americans were there to hear his stuff. It was cool to be able to help out and reach out to the local neighborhood. During the day we walked to someones house to pick up a curtain we were using to hang across the the stage and some of the guys who are always out on the street started talking to us. I was with Roberto, who is from the area, and Jacob. It was really sad because they were all really messed up. They were smoking pot but also drinking rubbing alcohol. It was sad but I am glad we stopped and talked to them. We invited them to the concert. One of the guys looked at me and said, "Don't forget us, don't forget us men in the streets, pray for us." Another guy came to the church really drunk and messed up and was talking to the Pastor and wanted prayer. In the picture above is Pastor Roberto praying with him. Sometimes living where I do you tend to forget about the real stuff that goes on here. It is easy to stay in the bubble but when you go out and see how Costa Rica really is it will change your perspective.

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