Monkey Business

We finished working with Character Connex on Friday. I had a great time working with the team from the States and learning the Character Connex program. Friday was the free day with the team and we went into Manuel Antonio National Park. A few of us went off the beaten path to go see the waterfall, which was beautiful, but were surprised to hear something that sounded like a bear but turned out to be Howler monkeys. We then went to one of the 4 or 5 beaches inside the park and it was breath taking. No doubt the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. After the team left we took a taxi to the house we have for the weekend to meet up with the rest of the group coming from CINCEL this weekend. We had planned a white water trip a month ago and it turned out that Bethany and I were already here because of working with the team. I had never been white water rafting until yesterday and it was a great and super fun experience. This house we are staying in is called the "Jungle Villa" and it is quite the jungle. We have monkeys on our porch and waking us up in the morning. We also saw two huge sloths. Bill is a Missionary here with LACC in Costa Rica and he is one of the 15 people that came down for the weekend. Turns out he moved to Hawaii when he was 20 just for surfing and also made surf boards. So I had the amazing privilege to go surfing with him yesterday and got great tips. Today I went out and surfed most of the day. I met some locals and surfed with them and caught a few good ones. I got one huge one and rode it all the way out. So I have been on a high from that because it is my longest ride yet.

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