Is Wassail a Southern Thing?

Christmas season is in full swing down here in tropical Costa Rica. Houses are decorated, trees are starting to be put up, and the stores are playing Christmas music. One of my teachers remarked yesterday, "How beautiful is this weather? It is like Christmas weather." Christmas weather, here, is obviously quite a bit different than what you and I might think. Christmas weather in Costa Rica is no rain, sunny skies, low humidity, and lots of wind. Since everyone around me is getting into the Christmas spirit I thought I would make some wassail. I went to the store and bought the ingredients for making wassail making what few exceptions that I needed to the recipe. I am becoming a professional at making exceptions or improvising recipes since I have been living out of the country. Upon arrival to my apartment, I threw all the ingredients into a crock pot and the wassailing process was underway. Today I brought some to class to share with my classmate and one of my teachers. They both loved it and neither had ever heard of it. Understandably, my Costa Rican teacher had never heard of it but my classmate from Wisconsin, a student from Michigan, and Washington had never heard of wassail before. One was teasing me saying it is probably a "Louisiana" thing but I assured her that it was not. I am almost positive that wassail is a very normal, traditional, "American", Christmas time thing. Please, help me out. Let me know if you have heard of wassail and where you are from.


  1. I have never heard of wassail. What is it?

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wassail