Full Day of Work

I am so excited about this upcoming week. A couple weeks back I wrote about sex tourism in Costa Rica. It is something that really bothered me and I was praying for some way to help this situation. About two days later, in chapel, Jay Dickerson announced that they are going to have training for a program called "Character Connects." It is a program that talks about values in schools. It is something that can be used in schools when the doors are closed to religious programs. After the training, some students and the team from the States are going to work in Capos which is close to Manuel Antonio. Capos is the headquarters for sex tourism and 96% of the children are sexually abused and sold into "slavery." I really wanted to go and help them out so I talked to Nancy Dickerson and turned out I can go. It is totally a God thing because I will be missing a week of school and I did not think I would be able to do that. So, I am going to be reading a story to the kids and being a part of some dramas. It is going to be some intense stuff but I know the Lord is going to use us all to touch the lives of these children. Today we made little booklets that we are putting in the back of the Books of Hope that we are giving out to the children. I started at about 9:00 this morning and we have been working on those all day long. I am so excited that I can be a part of this and be able to minister and hopefully help young girls who are being sold into prostitution. Please pray for us as we go and minister in these schools starting on Monday through Friday.

Tonight I also helped out with another ministry that has to do with the LACC schools. My friend, Norberto, is over all the youth in the LACC schools and they had a outreach tonight to recruit more leaders. So we were able to help them serve food and talk to some of the teenagers involved with this ministry. I think it is so cool how so many ministry opportunities continue popping up. My friend Bethany said it is because we make ourselves available. If you are wanting to be used by the Lord simply ask him and make yourself available. He will never turn you away.

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